Award-Winning Graphic Design Team

The design team at Sun Graphics Media is a six-time winner of the American Graphic Design Awards. It’s no wonder they form the foundation of our fast-paced organization, contributing to almost every project that comes through our doors.

Sun Graphics Media Creative Design Awards

Dedicated creative directors

We can only create amazing designs if all of the pieces are amazing. One tiny mistake can ruin an otherwise magnificent experience. So we sweat over the details and stress about the things that nobody else will notice. Yes, we are “those” annoying perfectionists.

Detail-oriented personal account managers

Sun Graphics Media is not a typical agency. We don’t like complexity in our designs or our work processes. Collaborating with like-minded clients allows incredible things to happen. We know producing ground-breaking work is best achieved together.

Sun Graphics Media Creative Design

Innovative designers, illustrators, animators, product photographers, and videographers

We outperform our competition by staying ahead of the curve using the most advanced technology solutions and best creative practices. Our team gives us the unmatched ability to provide faster turn-around while ensuring everything we deliver is precisely on message. No other firm can promise this.



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