Isn’t Printing Dead?

To grow your business, you need to promote your business. Even in today’s digital age, printed material still constitutes the backbone of most business marketing. Sun Graphics Media can print and produce a wide variety of materials using both digital and offset printing technologies. Our team of printing professionals is dedicated to making every printed piece look its best.

PIggly Wiggly Midwest High Volume Print Material

Multiple Printing Technologies

Printing isn’t just about putting pretty pictures of your kids on paper (however, that is still important). Printing has evolved, and the Sun Graphics Media printing facilities has innovated to keep pace. We print 3D prototypes, large format, canvas, foam-board, and glass. If you can think of it, we can produce it (by the way, our creative team can help you think of it, too).

Direct Mail and Catalogs Prints

That printed junk mail you throw away every day actually gets anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher response rates than that of digital advertising. Consumers, overwhelmed by inbox clutter and social noise, are more receptive to printed direct mail. Want to hear something even crazier? 40% of millennials read direct mail thoroughly. It’s true, and this is one time you can believe something you read on the internet.

Lakeland University Direct Mail Printed Material
Any Print Quantity

3D Printing and Prototyping

If you’re looking to prototype your billion dollar idea, we can help you do it. We have the printing technology to produce 3D prototypes from CAD imagery faster and at a lower cost than any competitor in the industry. If you need one or hundreds, it doesn’t matter; we want you to be a billionaire, too (just remember us when you’re famous).

Volume Printing

Large Format Printing

3d Printing

Color Theory Made Simple
Color Theory Made Simple

If you are ever in a creative meeting you will hear talented people talking about color pallets, color psychology, and color theory. If you are a decision maker, there is something fundamentally important about understanding color theory.

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