Only Great and Frequent Video is King

With today’s YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Live it’s no secret that video has become king. It’s convenient, efficient, and shareable, providing your business a new medium to reach customers. However, we still see companies spending upwards of $10k on large video productions with few viewers watching their long video for more than a couple of minutes. Sun Graphics Media produces video concepts and storyboards. We can then shoot and edit high-quality video at tremendous speed because of our exhaustive pre-work. This reduction in lead time allows you to share engaging stories more frequently and at a lower cost.

Sun Graphics Media Video Production & Editing

“Shorter is Better” is Already Over

While some companies are beginning to understand the “shorter is better” concept, the landscape has already shifted. You can no longer produce a single, short video and post it across all of your channels. The reality is, videos have to be channel specific because your audience is different and so is the way they consume video. Sun Graphics Media ensures customization is a core concentration of our storyboarding process. Production like this is a more affordable way to create video and make it channel specific. Making three-minute YouTube videos fit into 30 seconds for Instagram is a piece of cake, but only when we have created them.

Video Establishes a Connection

At Sun Graphics Media, we know video can humanize your brand, educate your customers, and promote your products. However, it is when you create an emotional response in the viewer that you have struck gold. We ensure your videos are on brand, strategizing about the viewer and what will establish the desired emotional connection with your brand. Nothing makes us happier than seeing clients cry during a screening.

Sun Graphics Media Video Production & Editing

Video Strategy

Your organization should not produce videos just once or twice a year. You need more than just a simple header video for your website or a quick brand re-launch piece. Video production, like any marketing effort, is an ongoing strategy and you need a team dedicated to working with your organization that understands your branding, marketing, and social strategies. Sun Graphics Media is that team.




Why Your Company Gets Video Wrong
Why Your Company Gets Video Wrong

Video Marketing continues to be the gold standard of social marketing. The Human brain can process video content 60,000 times faster than reading. However, while some companies understand the “shorter is better” approach, the reality is videos must also be channel specific.

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