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2 Tactics To Marketing Effectively During Economic Downturn

If you read our blog "Why You Need Marketing More Than Ever During Economic Downturn," you’re probably wondering, “what’s next?” and “how do I market effectively during an economic downturn?” So our experts are back to shed some light on how to do just that! These tactics coupled with a great strategy will help you in any economic climate.


Litho Vs. Digital Printing: What’s the Difference, And Why You Should Care!

You want cost-effective solutions, but how you get them can often be confusing without a basic understanding of the two primary types of printing; litho and digital. Have no fear, our experts are here to break it down in plain English so you can confidently choose the right solution for your needs.


Franzen Graphics, a Sun Graphics Media Company, Nominated for the 2020 Wisconsin Innovation Awards

We are honored to be nomination by Alliant Energy for the 2020 Wisconsin Innovation Awards for our work pivoting production for PPE during the recent COVID pandemic.



What many businesses fail to see during a recession is the opportunity to not just survive, but thrive by continuing marketing efforts. It may seem like a good idea to cut marketing budgets during a recession, but the reality is it is more crucial than ever to market during a downturn to compete for limited consumer spending and establish your brand for long-term success.

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Sun Graphics Media Is Breaking Ground On A New 5.5 Million Dollar Headquarters In Wisconsin

All Your Marketing Needs Under One Roof! 53,000 Sq. Ft. State-of-The-Art Facility to House The Entire Enterprise; Consisting of Commercial Printing and Full-Service Creative Marketing and Branding Agency


How To Optimize Your Marketing Strategy During Unprecedented Events

It’s no secret that the most effective marketing is strategic, but what happens when your strategy gets a wrench thrown in it? 

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A New Customer Experience for a Historic Company

Through in-depth immersion and extensive research, we uncovered data and analytics that guided a company rebrand and the design and development of a new e-commerce website for Torke Coffee.

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Full-service Marketing Agency Pivots Production to Make an Impact on Global Pandemic

INNOVATIVE, EXPERT, AGILE: What it looks like when a full-service marketing agency pivots production to make an impact on a global pandemic.


Sheboygan Press Features Sun Graphics Media's PPE Production

We are honored to be featured in the Sheboygan Press regarding our pivot from commercial printing to producing protective face shields for health care workers.


Sun Graphics Media Acquires Franzen Graphics

Sun Graphics Media (SGM), a leading branding and advertising agency, announces the asset acquisition of Franzen Graphics.


Social Media Marketing Vs Management

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management are two halves of one whole. However, there are several differences between the two that are important to be aware of when constructing your social media campaigns.


Why Brand Strategy Is Important For Your Business

Brand strategy is essential for businesses that want to differentiate themselves from competitors. It turns their company into an experience, not just a service. So, how can your brand set itself apart and establish brand loyalty in your marketplace?

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How Video Benefits Your Business

Video is one of the most engaging, emotionally connecting ways to reach your brand’s audience. However, a lot of art, science, and research go into what makes video marketing effective. Sun Graphics Media has the knowledge and research to create incredible, engaging videos.

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Why SEO Is Important

What is SEO and why is it important? If you’re asking these questions, this is the blog for you! Learn how your website’s design and text content helps or hinders your brand’s placement in an online search.

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Mail Still Matters!

Direct mail is still one of the most profitable ROIs in a business’ marketing arsenal. Direct mail reaches consumers on a more emotional level and creates relationships with your brand. Find out about how Sun Graphics Media’s direct mail marketing can benefit your business!

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Designing the Perfect Business Card

Business cards are critical connection tools in business and personal marketing. A business card is often the first impression a client receives when meeting you. Sun Graphics Media designs unique business cards for a variety of industries.

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Psychology Of A Logo - The Color and The Shape

A logo is the strongest, most recognizable symbol of a brand. Creating a logo takes more thought than some colors and a funky design, though. Creating a logo that defines your brand, your message, and your goals is incredibly important and can affect your brand’s value, reach, and longevity.


Choosing The Right Web Design Agency

Creating a website for your brand or organization is an easy decision. Choosing the right agency to undertake your website’s design is another story. What are the key characteristics you should look for in a creative agency? We present the facts to help you make the best decision for your goals.

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Print Isn't Dead

Print is not extinct! In fact, print is more alive now than ever! In the world of digital marketing overload, print presents a more personal touch that consumers appreciate. Print has revived to become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to engaging your brand’s audiences.

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Let's Get Creative!

What role does creativity play in today’s business world? Why is creativity so important? Creativity sets your brand apart from competitors and offers consumers something they can’t find anywhere but your organization. How can your company benefit from being creative?

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A Quick Guide To Developing A UX Strategy

How does UI/UX create an experience that will bring your website’s visitors returning over and over again? It’s all about interface and experience. Sun Graphics Media’s certified UI/UX experts go over some of the key fundamentals of creating a user-centralized website.


The Importance Of Giving

One of Sun Graphics Media’s most heartfelt beliefs is in the importance of giving back to our community. We’ve helped clients reach their goals of strengthening their communities and built relationships that will last a lifetime. Working together with clients towards causes is a passion all of our team members share.


The Art Of Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is a lot more than posting pictures and links with the same words over and over again. Creating a cohesive and engaging social media strategy involves research into your target audiences and how to engage them. Sun Graphics Media is here to share our social media expertise with you!

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The Importance of Excellent Writers

The average user reads about 20% of the written content of any website because they are merely scanning sites. Creative writing is a hugely overlooked, yet vital, element in today’s design world. So what makes an excellent creative writer?

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What Is Good Brand Strategy?

In your organization you hear the terms marketing, branding, and advertising almost every day. However, you probably don’t realize how critical a good brand strategy is to successful marketing and advertising campaigns. So what makes a good brand strategy?

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Why Your Company Gets Video Wrong

Video Marketing continues to be the gold standard of social marketing. The Human brain can process video content 60,000 times faster than reading. However, while some companies understand the “shorter is better” approach, the reality is videos must also be channel specific.

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What is UI And UX Anyway?

UX design, or “user experience design”, is often paired with another abbreviation, UI for “user interface design.” These two terms have become increasingly relevant when it comes to graphic design and will continue to be even more so in the future and this is why!

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Color Theory Made Simple

If you are ever in a creative meeting you will hear talented people talking about color pallets, color psychology, and color theory. If you are a decision maker, there is something fundamentally important about understanding color theory.


Making Sun Graphics Media Creative

Our transition to an award-winning design firm came about as a result of deliberate decisions we made as a team. We wanted to nurture our creative side, iterate our brand, and leverage each other to drive success. So, how did we nurture our creativity?


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