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brand strategy development

Your brand is not your logo, color scheme, tagline, identity, or even your marketing. In the world of marketing and advertising, companies often skip the critical process of branding in favor of things they think have higher returns on investment. In reality, your brand should be the foundation of your marketing and advertising. Without branding, your communications are just “small talk” with your clients and customers. Your brand is an emotional experience.

Sun Graphics Media develops strategies that differentiate your brand from competitors and determines how you connect with customers. We use proprietary models that focus on segmentation and communication, ensuring tremendous impact, sales, and engagements.

Our Process Is Proven

Sun Graphics Media brand strategy process.

Brand strategy and marketing strategy development are lengthy processes that require a team of people skilled in research, demographic trait analysis, creative design, and strategy development. However, if done well it will simplify the development of your advertising campaigns.

There is no other agency that goes through the same level of immersion as the Sun Graphics Media's branding experts. Our multi-step process works and we have the data and client testimonials to prove it. 

a plan for any brand

From initial immersion to implementation, our branding agency has a proven process to build a successful brand. Whether you are a start-up without an existing brand, or if you are looking to refresh your hundred-year-old brand, our experts provide an in-depth brand strategy with valuable insights that drive strategic results.

brand asset valuator

Our branding team doesn’t just give you a new logo. We deliver strategic recommendations for your brand that are backed by research. Through Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) analysis, we receive key insights into where your brand is in its life cycle. Our process is proven because it is backed by statistical data and clear understanding. Our branding agency is the only Wisconsin-based agency to conduct BAV analysis, making our brand research the best of it’s kind.

Sun Graphics Media brand strategy focuses on brand analysis and research. Photo a brand strategy document.

implementation strategy

where do we go from here?

Sun Graphics Media brand strategy is comprehensive and uses competitor analysis. Photo of a brand strategy.

Once we deliver your brand strategy, we don’t leave you hanging. Our brand strategists have expertise in creating brand implementation strategies. Our four-phase implementation process takes a detailed look at your internal team and your customers to fully understand how to deliver your new brand. With a strategic internal and external rollout, your new brand is set up for success.

multi-step process

So what exactly is this magical branding process we are talking about? Let us tell you...

you're going to like what we have to say

full immersion

It is difficult to anticipate the future without knowing where you are today. Sun Graphics Media performs in-depth audits and research to discover how your brand could be perceived. We do industry analysis, conduct customer surveys, and perform demographic and trait research to determine which elements will unlock the buying potential of your customers. We then do in-depth reviews of your existing communications and competitive landscape, bringing your brand’s full potential to light. 

unlocking your brand

Sun Graphics Media works to fully discover the best way to differentiate and position your brand in the mind of your customers. We use our proprietary positioning frameworks to analyze multiple dimensions of your brand and discover your brand personality, voice, look and feel. Our brand experts collaborate with you to solidify your core attributes. Sun Graphics Media’s intimate customer approach to brand development is unique in the industry. We draw upon your knowledge and couple it with traditional brand psychological and theoretical approaches to fully illuminate your brand.

your story

The final stage of the collaborative process is the delivery of your brand brief. This critical document will be the starting point for all of your brand's touchpoints in advertising, marketing, design, and communications. It showcases your “Big Idea,” which is a differentiation statement that articulates everything about your brand and why you exist. Everything in the brand brief leads to the development of design and communication guidelines. These guidelines allow you to develop beautiful touchpoints that inspire people to engage with and feel intimately and emotionally connected to your brand.


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