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Creating an implementation plan is critical to ensuring your brand’s stability and ultimate success. A proactive plan can help protect you from underachieving and negative results. When implementing your brand strategy it is imperative you do it the right way at the right time. With our four-phase brand implementation strategy and communication frameworks, our expert brand and marketing strategists help you introduce your brand to your internal teams and external audiences.

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Sun Graphics Media works with Lakeland University on their brand implementation.

You’ve made a significant investment in your brand strategy, now you need an implementation strategy to drive a successful brand rollout. Sun Graphics Media has proven communications frameworks that can help ensure your organization establishes full adoption of your new brand. When executed correctly, a new cohesive re-brand/brand rollout can be an invigorating and powerful experience that attracts new audiences, talent, and customers and propels your business to new heights.

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Just like our brand strategy is a proven process, our implementation strategy is a four-phase process based on some of the most successful communication models. We utilize these models to guide our internal and external brand marketing. 

our rollout process

Our branding agency uses an Implementation Communication Model that combines four models of communication: the Hierarchy of Effects out of the University of Illinois, the Media Hierarchy out of Northwestern University, the Hierarchy of Relevance out of the University of Texas, and the Tiered Communications Model adopted from the Ford Motor Company. The combination of these models provides a guide that defines the objectives, strategy, message, and continuity needs at each phase in the brand implementation.

Sun Graphics Media team works on Sheboygan Area School District Brand Implementation.

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internal & external marketing

Sun Graphics Media's brand implementation process.

We take our Communication Model and restructure it to make an actionable framework. Doing so provides a transparent, four-phase communication process that ensures your team is informed about the brand, understands it, is committed to it, and ultimately reflects it in their daily behavior.

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Without a structured brand implementation strategy brands face instability, inconsistent messaging, and various brand flaws. Poor rollouts can end up weakening the overall brand, and can cause irreversible damage to consumer loyalty, trust, and ultimately your bottom line. At Sun Graphics Media, we develop implementation strategies that are designed to enhance every aspect of your business and expand your brand’s reach and customer base.

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Social Media Marketing Vs Management

Social Media Marketing Vs Management

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management are two halves of one whole. However, there are several differences between the two that are important to be aware of when constructing your social media campaigns.

Sun Graphics Media Acquires Franzen Graphics

Sun Graphics Media Acquires Franzen Graphics

Sun Graphics Media (SGM), a leading branding and advertising agency, announces the asset acquisition of Franzen Graphics.

Sun Graphics Media Is Breaking Ground On A New 5.5 Million Dollar Headquarters In Wisconsin

Sun Graphics Media Is Breaking Ground On A New 5.5 Million Dollar Headquarters In Wisconsin

All Your Marketing Needs Under One Roof! 53,000 Sq. Ft. State-of-The-Art Facility to House The Entire Enterprise; Consisting of Commercial Printing and Full-Service Creative Marketing and Branding Agency


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