Branding & Marketing

The Strategic Plan

Touchpoints can look beautiful and feel elegant, but without a sound branding strategy or marketing strategy they probably are not going very far. So before we start developing branding and marketing strategies we immerse ourselves and get to know you, your visions, and your inspirations. We then calculate how to beat your competitors and draft the plan for getting to the finish line.

Logos Are Not Branding!

People often think that a brand is your logo, color scheme, tagline, or identity and they are definitely wrong. In reality, your brand should be the foundation of marketing and advertising. Without branding, you’re just having “small talk” with your clients and prospective employees. Your brand is an emotional experience. Branding is about identifying and implanting what makes your company better in the mind of others. Oh, and in case you forgot, Sun Graphics Media is the only company with all the experts under one roof. That’s our brand.

Marketing Plan

Marketing is about convincing people to buy your products or services. We have made everything from websites to billboards. We create strategies that feed emotions with feeders like “I trust everything you say.” Just like right now, we are convincing you that you must hire us immediately because you need an impressive marketing strategy. Right? And if you aren’t convinced, you should call us and explain why.


The Content Is King (cliché)

Our grand plans and fancy strategies help consumers experience your brand. Most people want to have an emotional experience, maybe even laugh and cry while they are learning something. We create the concepts that help them do that, call it content, and then marvel at the response.




Print Isn't Dead
Print Isn't Dead

Print is not extinct! In fact, print is more alive now than ever! In the world of digital marketing overload, print presents a more personal touch that consumers appreciate. Print has revived to become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to engaging your brand’s audiences.

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Let's Get Creative!
Let's Get Creative!

What role does creativity play in today’s business world? Why is creativity so important? Creativity sets your brand apart from competitors and offers consumers something they can’t find anywhere but your organization. How can your company benefit from being creative?

Design, Branding

The Importance of Excellent Writers
The Importance of Excellent Writers

The average user reads about 20% of the written content of any website because they are merely scanning sites. Creative writing is a hugely overlooked, yet vital, element in today’s design world. So what makes an excellent creative writer?

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