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Strategy, Development & Creative

Client - Johnsonville Sausage

Johnsonville is the world’s most prestigious sausage producer, selling quality sausage in US and International markets. They work with Sun Graphics Media on a variety of projects. No matter when they need us, we are always ready and able to assemble the team and deal with any situation.


Product Display

Client: Sartori

Sartori is one of the world’s most prestigious cheese companies, having earned hundreds of US and International awards. They were having difficulty producing a cheese wheel display that was realistic, durable, light-weight, and inexpensive. Sartori was working with a company out of China, but nothing was meeting their criteria. They turned to Sun Graphics Media to assist with the problem. We solved it.

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Client: Shaw Family Playground

Ryan and Angie Shaw gave birth to conjoined twins in 2006. While their kids had unique needs, they wanted them to be able to play along with other children. After years of researching solutions, they designed the plans for Wisconsin’s first fully accessible playground. They approached Sun Graphics Media to build a presentation that would attract the donations they needed to make their dreams come true. Call us Mr. Sandman.

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Creative Event

Client: John Michael Kohler Arts Center

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center is a 100,000 square foot art museum named after the prestigious Kohler family. Each year they host an invite-only fundraiser to bring new exhibits to the museum. The JMKAC engaged Sun Graphics Media to pitch a unique, one-of-a-kind party theme that would help them break fundraising records. We delivered.

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