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The Problem

A Huberty employee types on a computer and the Huberty logo is the background.

Our branding team knows that your identity ties into your strategic plan and drives the touchpoints you use to reach your audience. We take all of the data and points of differentiation that we determined during your brand strategy and utilize them in your identity creation.

When Huberty, formerly Huberty CPAs, reached out to conduct a brand strategy, they were looking to stand out among the competition and set themselves up to grow as an organization. Huberty‚Äôs existing brand no longer served as an industry-leading identity. 

The Sun Graphics Media Approach

Through countless interviews and in-depth analysis, our expert brand strategists helped Huberty determine four key service lines that not only keyed in on their expertise but also allowed them to offer services no other competitor could.

Two Huberty employees talk while looking at the computer.

The Solution

A scene of a desk where to Huberty employees sit with collateral on the tabletop.

Huberty launched its four main service lines with the help of a new and fresh identity that communicates the benefits of their services. Through its new identity and touchpoints, Huberty has grown among its competitive set and has established sales tools to complement their strategic business plan.


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