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Lakeland University

The Problem

In the competitive landscape of Liberal Arts Universities and Colleges, clear differentiators are critical for students and parents to understand what makes a particular college or university attractive, distinct and exceptional. We mined Lakeland’s brand to extract the qualities and distinctions that will make more students and families apply and thrive.

Lakeland University had undertaken multiple brand strategy studies over the years. And they were given a multitude of strategies to consider. While much of the advice was sound, they needed help delivering cohesive messaging. Lakeland's ‘problem’ was brand fragmentation among staff, faculty, and students.

Lakeland University's vocal community was doing its best to be brand ambassadors; however, they didn't have a clear and cohesive understanding of Lakeland University's differentiation. Lakeland was aware that a brand is more than a logo, a color scheme, and a tagline. They needed help solving the problem of what is Lakeland University's differentiation, how is that tied into a brand, and how to communicate it effectively to align a grassroots movement amongst the Lakeland University staff and student population.

The Sun Graphics Media Approach

Sun Graphics Media knew we needed to do extensive data analysis and research to pinpoint what makes Lakeland University unique.

We used our Brand Asset Evaluator analysis to understand the view of the existing brand and discover what steps were required to make it cohesive. The BAV required over 100 hours of work, where we conducted student, staff, and potential student focus groups. We didn’t stop there, our immersive research even included High School counselors and local businesses.

Eliminating guess work, and utilizing hard data help inform a clear Understanding as to what people valued at Lakeland University.

The Solution

Sun Graphics Media developed branding that redesigned Lakeland University's brand architecture, making discovery and communication more in line with their consumer segments. We leverage this new brand and brand architecture to developed marketing and communication strategies that ensure cohesive messaging in the marketplace. Building a strong relationship throughout the process has resulted in Sun Graphics media  leading the charge for Lakeland University providing the implementation strategy overseen by our team who has the insights and dedication to help drive Lakeland's success.

We helped them develop the necessary collateral, including a new website designed by our industry certified UI/UX experts, written by our SEO writing team and assets created by our award-winning design team.

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