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Sartori Cheese

The Problem

Sun Graphics Media Sartori Trophies

At Sun Graphics Media, our business is not build on second chances, it’s built on first Impressions!

In Consumer Package Goods, you have to establish an immediate differentiation and impression on the consumer. Sartori is one of the world's most awarded cheeses, as such, consumer expectations are high and the quality of marketing must rise to the quality of the product.

Sartori wanted to showcase their excellence to consumers who are bombarded with a cornucopia of cheese choices. With worldwide distribution, the solution needed to be low-cost, light-weight, and have a multi-use function for both in-store and trade-show display options.

Sun Graphics Media's Approach

Working closely with Sartori’s Marketing team, we knew that we needed to change the impression of Sartori in the regular cheese slice and cheese wedge market. Sartori needed to stand out as special and unique. We wanted to showcase the uniqueness and highlight the fact that Sartori is not your typical mass-produced wedge of cheese.  They still use master cheese-makers producing custom with seasonal flavors, unlike anything the market or their competitors have to offer. 

To convey this message, we leveraged the appeal of the full cheese wheel to highlight the traditional cheese-making process while displaying the quality and exceptionalism of the Sartori product.

Sun Graphics Media Product Shoot - Sartori Cheese Wheel

The Result

Sun Graphics Media - Sartori Product Display

Sun Graphics Media developed a cutting-edge patent-pending manufacturing process that perfectly simulated a full-wheel cheese product display. The result provided Sartori a low-cost product, weighing less than a pound (traditional wheels weight almost 60lbs). This product perfectly simulates the look and quality of a real full cheese wheel, that costs hundreds of dollars with limited display options.

The Sun Graphics Media team was aware that Sartori produces new and exciting seasonal favors. We were able to design a product that can be easily changed and customized depending on the season at a nominal cost.

Unsubstantiated fact: When Sartori tested the solution provided by Sun Graphics Media, the display product was so realistic people tried to cut into and sample the display.

Hear it from Sartori

The companies Director of Brand Marketing, T.W. Bacon shares the value he covets in his relationship with Sun Graphics Media:

“Sun Graphics Media is an agency that is very agile. They have the ability to act very quickly and focus on your needs to deliver a solution that is a winning proposition. Sun Graphics Media is known for creating great solutions to the customers. They’re a customer first organization.”

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