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Shaw Family Playground

The Problem

Sun Graphics Media was lucky to have been early adopters to this heartfelt story of a mother and father’s quest to improve the quality of lives for their conjoined Twins ane the community.  Their determination and vision just needed to be harnessed and supported by a talented creative team, so we stepped in to bring their vision to life.

Ryan and Angie Shaw wanted what any parent wants for their kids, to be able to play with other children.  The hurdle they had was their children’s physical limitations, which in the current landscape of playgrounds didn’t provide a solution.  After years of research they designed the plans for Wisconsin’s first fully accessible playground.

A child in a wheelchair smiles at the Shaw Family Playground.

The Sun Graphics Media Approach

Sun Graphics Media presented an immersive marketing experience for the Shaw Family Playground.

It was up to Sun Graphics Media to help them develop fundraising collateral. So we performed extensive research and knew that substantial donations are typically a family decision. Often, donation request presentations reach only one family member who then carry the message to other family decision makers. This whisper-down-the-line approach, can dilute the message, so we needed to create a way to carry Ryan and Angie’s emotionally compelling story to people, even when they were not in the room.

Sun Graphics Media leverage technology and develop an engaging and visceral iPad specific presentation. The concept was to create an emotionally charged experience without Ryan and Angie physically being present. When the potential donor opens the presentation, the sound of children laughing and playing is heard in the background, establishing an immediate emotional connection to the playground. Donors are quickly drawn to the interactive presentation which starts with the Shaw family's impacting story, before donors are then guided through the playground to discover the various equipment and capabilities.

See the presentation here - iPad specific presentation

The Solution

We wanted Ryan and Angie to explain why each piece of equipment was vital and necessary, so we created quick explainer videos. We also produced a beautiful and captivating printed presentation to support the iPad experience.

Ryan and Angie were able to attract donors and raise enough money to begin the journey of making their playground a reality. We were able to filter leveraging new technology, video and print to convert potential donors to actual donors!

As parents ourselves, like the Shaw family, we just want the kids to play and have fun!

Shaw Family Playground marketing material on display.

Hear what working with Sun Graphics Media is like directly from the Shaw Family!

Shaw Family Case Study Video

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