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- Seth Harvatine

Sheboygan Area School District - Superintendent

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Sheboygan Area School District

The Problem

Sun Graphics Media team member smiles with a school district employee.

When it comes to brand strategies, nothing beats our immersion. Our team of brand strategists prides themselves on creating powerful results through in-depth interviews, research, and audits.

SASD was losing enrollment to other districts because they had trouble communicating their breadth of education styles and services they offer their students. This was perpetuated by an out of date brand that didn’t reflect the changing demographic of Sheboygan County.

Sun Graphics knew we needed to develop a cohesive brand and provide a way to communicate the brand value to staff, students, parents and the community.

The Sun Graphics Media Approach

Our team completed an immersion into the Sheboygan Area School District (SASD) brand with over 25 hours of interviews logged with 137 focus group participants including board members, the Executive Management Team, teachers, and staff at 23 different schools.

These insights allowed us to build a brand strategy that was accurate and actionable.

Sun Graphics Media executed a full BAV Analysis for SASD. Prominent among consumer-focused brand valuation models is the Young and Rubicam’s BAV. BAV is based on behavioral science and uses the concept of hierarchy in the sense that there is a natural order for the accumulation of positive consumer brand equity. It is the ultimate goal, and challenge, of every brand in the world to create relevant differentiation for the customer. Relevance and differentiation together result in brand strength. A properly executed BAV analysis is a power indicator for future brand performance and brand health.

For us, it is as much about the data as it is about the story around the data. Our analysis was conducted in 3 languages (Spanish, English and Hmong) in order to ensure the appropriate reach of the school districts diverse population.

We reimagined the district’s logo and ultimately landed on a logo that reflects the principles of the school district.

The Solution

A group of Sheboygan Area School District students work on their homework outside.

We delivered an extensive Marketing and Communication Strategy as well as implementation strategy.

With the help of our brand strategies, SASD now has a defined brand and marketing direction that is backed by research and data. The new SASD brand is dedicated to care and communication that will guide the district to future success.

Hear It From Sheboygan Area School District

“I was impressed with their professionalism as a team. They knew inside and out how to develop a brand strategy and what that process looked like from research to how to roll it out. I was also impressed by the very personal approach. I never felt as if I was just a client. Every time we had an interaction, I felt like I was THEIR client as opposed to just a number.”

-Seth Harvatine, Superintendent of Sheboygan Area School District

“The most impressive thing about working with the Sun Graphics team was that they did such an extreme immersion at the beginning of this project. I now feel that I have this entire team supporting me to help us achieve the goals we set out to achieve. When they suggested meeting with all of our schools, it was really huge… in the end, it was probably the most rewarding aspect of this.”

-Nicole Sondalle, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Sheboygan Area School District Video Referral

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