"Big agency talent and creative, without the bureaucratic headaches and overhead."

- Bob Fitzgerald

Johnsonville - Director of International Business

"No matter the ask, Sun Graphics is timely in their delivery."

- T.W. Bacon

Sartori Cheese - Director of Brand Marketing

"I never felt like I was just a number, I felt like THEIR client."

- Seth Harvatine

Sheboygan Area School District - Superintendent

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Sun Graphics Media and Franzen Graphics are now FifthColor companies

Meet FifthColor

Kelly Webb

Kelly Webb is the co-owner of Sun Graphics Media along with Justin Webb, her husband. Kelly was born in "The Cornhusker State" of Nebraska, but she grew up in Sheboygan, WI. Kelly studied and earned her BA in Psychology from the University of Madison and earned her Master's in Human Resources/Industrial Management from the University of Minnesota. While at McKinsey & Company, Kelly lead the operations of the Business Technology Office with team members across the Midwest. 

Kelly also worked at McKinsey & Company in Minnesota and Chicago. It was her experience at McKinsey & Company that introduced her to her future husband before the pair decided to move back to Sheboygan. In 2015, Kelly and Justin purchased Sun Graphics and converted it into the full-service media agency serving clients around the world.

Kelly manages the day-to-day accounting and human resources department for Sun Graphics Media. Kelly also works closely with the charity and non-profit organizations by finding ways for Sun Graphics Media to be involved and give back to their community.

Sun Graphics Media is the only agency with all the experts under one roof