"Big agency talent and creative, without the bureaucratic headaches and overhead."

- Bob Fitzgerald

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- T.W. Bacon

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"I never felt like I was just a number, I felt like THEIR client."

- Seth Harvatine

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Shooting from the hip and going with your gut are only sound strategies if you are in a gunfight or in a hot dog eating contest! 

We know that exceptional creative content is more actionable when it is driven by in-depth consumer analytics. This combination of analytics and creative content come together to drive consistent success. Our agency has the knowledge and tools to grow your company’s marketing success. Built from sound strategies, our data-driven marketing and emotion-building creations increase your brand awareness to deliver better ROI.

we immerse ourselves

Sun Graphics Media marketing experts immerse themselves in your analytics.

Our team of marketing experts immerses themselves into every aspect of your business. Our market researchers and strategists create success by analyzing your industry, your customer base, and your position in the competitive set. We get to know your products, services, and your unique selling proposition. With this foundation, we know just what message to deliver and who to deliver it to in order to meet your marketing goals.

out for delivery

How do we get your message out? We're happy you asked...

we find your channels

You may know your brand’s message, but does your customer base? 

Our marketing team helps your organization establish a cohesive strategy that expresses who your business is and how your products and services benefit your customers. Once we have your value proposition, we determine what delivery method is the best fit to reach your target audience.

A Sun Graphics Media client monitors their company on social media.

we help you stay relevant

so you don't go out of style

A person searches social media for a Sun Graphics Media client.

Once we have customized and assisted in rolling out your marketing strategy, we stand by your side and assist you as your marketing takes effect. We make sure your brand messaging is consistent, your customers stay active and engaged, and your creative doesn’t lose its steam.

your expert marketing team

Our agency has experts in SEO, search marketing, social media marketing, traditional advertising, media planning and buying, marketing strategy, email marketing, direct mail, public relations, and video production.

we're the team with every expert under one roof

creative directors

Our creative directors are involved in each and every project and work with our design team on every aspect of creative content from inception through delivery. Our creative team members create amazing content and our directors help to ensure they know the target audience and the message the campaign should deliver. They ensure our team members never lose focus of 4 P's or 7P's of marketing (we are in the 7 P camp by the way). 

account managers

Sun Graphics Media is not a typical agency. We don’t like complexity in our processes and workflows. Collaborating with and being challenged by our clients allows incredible things to happen. We know producing ground-breaking work is best achieved together. That is why our account managers keep an open line of communication during the process and facilitate all updates, client reviews, and input.

amazing results

We outperform our competition by staying ahead of the curve. Using the most advanced technology solutions and best creative and business practices, our in-house team of innovative designers, illustrators, animators, product photographers, and videographers gives us the unmatched ability to provide faster turn-around. Fast and exceptional doesn't have to mean over budget. We ensure everything we deliver is precisely on brand, on time, and within budget (this is why we do 80% of our work on flat project-based pricing).


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What many businesses fail to see during a recession is the opportunity to not just survive, but thrive by continuing marketing efforts. It may seem like a good idea to cut marketing budgets during a recession, but the reality is it is more crucial than ever to market during a downturn to compete for limited consumer spending and establish your brand for long-term success.

Litho Vs. Digital Printing: What’s the Difference, And Why You Should Care!

Litho Vs. Digital Printing: What’s the Difference, And Why You Should Care!

You want cost-effective solutions, but how you get them can often be confusing without a basic understanding of the two primary types of printing; litho and digital. Have no fear, our experts are here to break it down in plain English so you can confidently choose the right solution for your needs.

2 Tactics To Marketing Effectively During Economic Downturn

2 Tactics To Marketing Effectively During Economic Downturn

If you read our blog "Why You Need Marketing More Than Ever During Economic Downturn," you’re probably wondering, “what’s next?” and “how do I market effectively during an economic downturn?” So our experts are back to shed some light on how to do just that! These tactics coupled with a great strategy will help you in any economic climate.


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