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Traditional Advertising

Did you know that despite the ever-growing digital advertising space, there is still more daily consumption of TV than any other media? Our traditional advertising services are seamlessly integrated into a cohesive marketing campaign. Sun Graphics Media’s synergistic approach between online to off-line creative allows our integrated advertising campaigns to become instrumental to a brand's reach, awareness, engagement, and conversion.

a drive through the sales funnel

Sun Graphics Media can help boost your sales with traditional marketing. Photo of an advertising book for Discover Plymouth.

A good marketing mix starts with awareness building which leads to interest, decision-making, and finally, action by the consumer. Mixing digital with traditional advertising ensures you take your audience through the sales funnel to drive the most sales. We help you make the most of your marketing campaigns through paid, owned, and earned media.

valuable relationships

Our experienced media buying team builds and maintains strong relationships with media account executives in your DMA. We place media buys on your behalf while finding your distinct audience and saving you money.

buying & strategy

There’s no need to question what traditional media avenue is right for you. Our marketing team and media buyers work together to pinpoint the right placement, how often you should be there, and how the placement fits into your marketing goals. When the strategy is assembled, our media buyers get to work securing your placement for you.

Sun Graphics Media will find what traditional media avenue is right for you.

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Sun Graphics Media will mix traditional and digital media into your marketing plan.

There’s no need to worry about how traditional media fits into your marketing mix. Our team has the expertise to come up with a plan to compliment your existing marketing efforts with traditional placements. From outdoor to tv, radio, and more, we can help you find exactly where to broadcast your message needs to generate the best results.

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Social Media Marketing Vs Management

Social Media Marketing Vs Management

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management are two halves of one whole. However, there are several differences between the two that are important to be aware of when constructing your social media campaigns.

Sun Graphics Media Acquires Franzen Graphics

Sun Graphics Media Acquires Franzen Graphics

Sun Graphics Media (SGM), a leading branding and advertising agency, announces the asset acquisition of Franzen Graphics.

Why Brand Strategy Is Important For Your Business

Why Brand Strategy Is Important For Your Business

Brand strategy is essential for businesses that want to differentiate themselves from competitors. It turns their company into an experience, not just a service. So, how can your brand set itself apart and establish brand loyalty in your marketplace?


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