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How Video Benefits Your Business

Sun Graphics Media has already laid out how to create compelling video content for your business’ marketing, advertising, and branding campaigns. This time around, we’re going to tell you how and why video is a useful tool for those campaigns.

Video Is Easier To Track. The typical content consumers are exposed to on social media are blogs, notes, status updates, and other mostly written content. Measuring how much of the material was actually read through and absorbed, however, is extremely difficult to track. For video these metrics become much easier to analyze, allowing you to track how long your content engaged your viewers, where they paused or stopped, and if the video led to a sale. Apps like Google Analytics also allow you to track how your video is performing across your different media channels. Monitoring data from your video content interaction is an invaluable tool towards future marketing and advertising endeavors.

Camera capturing video, Sheboygan Wi

On-the-Go Optimization. Today’s consumer is more on-the-go than ever. 69% of digital media engagement occurs across mobile platforms. Everyone you see has a phone or other mobile device with them, and with that comes a form of intimacy. People cling to their devices like lifelines. Have you ever witnessed the late-night panic scramble at when a young man or woman realizes they’ve misplaced their mobile device after a few cocktails? The emotions are nothing short of hysteria!

What this really means is that businesses have direct, personal access to their consumers. Repaying that intimacy with an intimacy of your own such as behind-the-scenes footage of your daily operations, videos of your staff working and enjoying time together, or other vision-focused creativity opens your business up to the consumer. This establishes trust, making them more likely to share your videos as a part of their own openness to their social circles. Their shares create a ripple effect, and before you know it you’ve created a viral video!

Less Effort In Engagement. Viewers retain 95% of the information they receive from video versus 10% when seen in text form. Simply put, watching video is easier for consumers than reading. Video offers more stimuli through sight and sound than reading does and is easier for consumers to absorb. Viewers can also share, comment, and respond to video while watching at the same time. Live video feeds are even more engaging as masses of viewers can comment and discuss with each other in real-time while an event occurs right before their eyes. The end of a video is also the perfect time to place a call to action like "Visit Our Website" or "Follow Us For More" with just the click of a button. Video is easily the most accessible avenue for consumers to receive your brand.

Video Makes You Visible. Consumer’s social media timelines are filled to the brim with stagnant, uninteresting content. It’s for this reason that 54% of customers prefer to see creative video content from their favorite brands online over other forms of posts. Seeing as video is 12x more likely to be shared than any other content, providing a face, voice, and an engaging video presence on their timelines will not only compel your consumer to view your post but also share it with their social circles.

Versatility. Video is the most versatile, universal form of content creation. A video tells a story, and on quicker, more engaging terms. Video also allows businesses to branch out from their headquarters. Product demonstrations, expert interviews, and customer stories are all innovative forms of marketing and advertising that can be conveyed through engaging video content. Video opens gateways that allow a business to be more personable, interactive, and approachable to their consumers – the stepping stones to successful branding.

Video Boosts Sales. Complimenting your products with a presentation or demonstration video is a highly effective way to convert views to sales. A product video can increase conversions by up to 80%. Additionally, studies have shown that 74% of consumers who view videos that explain products in greater, visual detail wind up completing the purchase.

Video is excellent for ROI (return on investment), which is what every business owner is after. 83% of businesses report that well-curated video has provided a positive return on their investments.

Search Engines Love Video! Since videos require time to view, a video on your main website means that visitors are spending more time on your page. This sends sparks up to search engines. A business is 53x more likely to show up at the top of a Google search query if a video is embedded on their website. Taking advantage of video content will push you to the front of SEO (search engine optimization), ensuring that more consumers engage your brand over competitors.

As video becomes more widespread, it will demand more of its creators. Marketing and advertising analyses have unveiled all the facts that point to video as positively engaging, providing great ROI, and raising conversion rates. The task set for businesses and their creative agencies or departments is to utilize the medium by assembling engaging, emotionally impacting video content for their consumers.

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