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The Importance of Excellent Writers

Creative writing is a largely overlooked, yet vital, element in today’s design world. Video may be king, but if visuals were all that were necessary to captivate an audience we’d still be stuck in the silent age of cinema. With that said, today’s market demands more than ever of creative writers. They need to be concise, yet detailed. They need to be technical, yet interpretative. They need to be unique, but they have to adhere to their clients’ preference. You've read this far so we're sure you get the picture.

How Much Does the Reader Read? The average user reads about 20% of the written content of any website because they are merely scanning sites. The average website visitor is looking for specific answers, not to explore. They come to a website with a purpose, and they want to get what they are looking for as quickly as possible to be on their way. Here is the problem– how does a creative writer string together the words that quickly provide the answers visitors are seeking? Even harder, how do they do this while still evoking an emotional response alongside the visual content?

The ‘Write’ Way. An excellent creative writer is a jack-of-all-trades type. Take, for instance, a client with a motorcycle repair business. While the graphic designer has the job of making the website experience appealing, emotional, and interactive for the consumer, the writer is in charge of understanding and communicating the information that shatters that 20% ceiling. The creative writer needs to feel empathy for both the client and the consumer while acting as both dictionary and thesaurus. Seeing the same words used over and over again on a website or app reduces that 20% down even further. Noticeably writing about something you don’t understand brings readership to a virtual halt.

Creation vs. Adherence Creative writing for design involves a balance between being original and adhering to your client's needs. Sometimes a writer spends a vast amount of time on a piece that they're especially proud of, only to hand it to the client and have it discarded after the 20% skim. An excellent creative writer takes the criticism constructively, turns it around, and delivers an end product that provides the client’s critical points while still retaining originality. They find a way to express the concepts assigned to them uniquely. Great creative writers don't take the action personally as they know it is just part of the process.

Not Everyone Can Write

Can’t Anyone Do It? Clients too commonly think that anyone can write. This concept usually comes from people who text things like “where u at?” and “hru?”. We won’t even go into grammar and spelling errors. One of the most common complaints within business settings is that coworker emails and memos are unclear and confusing. Communication breakdown is a clear indicator that not just anyone can write. Writing creatively to accent design or emotionalize a brand involves particular skills that can’t be applied with Word and spellcheck. Creative writers evoke responses in a reader in ways that a dry, copy/paste approach could never fathom. It makes them a strong asset to any creative team.

Always remember the Sun Graphics Media Creative Writing team is here to help you with your content nightmares.

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