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The Importance Of Giving

One of Sun Graphics Media's most heartfelt beliefs is in the importance of giving back to our community. In 2017, Sun Graphics Media donated over $86,000 in cash, products, services, time, and expertise to local organizations. Through these donations, we have helped clients reach their goals of strengthening their communities and raising the quality of life for the surrounding area. We've also built relationships that will last a lifetime.

A graphic depiction of giving.

Some of the organizations that Sun Graphics Media has had the privilege of collaborating with are the Shaw Family Playground, the Make A Wish Foundation, Plymouth Arts Center, Lakeland University, the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, and several local religious institutions. Each of these organizations work diligently to improve their surrounding communities, and Sun Graphics Media is proud to contribute to their respective causes by working alongside such selfless groups and individuals.

Corporate giving is on the rise – in 2017, corporations donated $20.77 billion to charitable causes, an 8.0% increase from 2016, with all signs pointing to continued growth. These are enlightening statistics highlighting the care and compassion given by businesses of all sizes.

A business' charitable actions benefit more than the organizations and surrounding community. Statistics show that companies who donate time, money, and services attract more engaged employees who are motivated and express pride in their workplace. Charitable action also attracts loyal customers. 66% of consumers are willing to pay a little extra for a brand's products or services when they know a portion of their dollars are benefiting positive causes. These consumers tend to stick with a company, becoming loyal brand ambassadors and establishing an overarching circle of benefits.

Sun Graphics Media feels a strong sense of ownership and responsibility to increase the quality of life in our area, and we are proud to continue offering products, services, and donations to organizations striving to make our community a great place to live. We urge anyone visiting our website or utilizing our services to investigate these organizations and offer any assistance they might deem suitable or appropriate.

Sun Graphics Media looks forward to contributing to the Sheboygan and Plymouth communities throughout 2019!

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