The Art of Social Media Strategy

While other agencies will attempt to sell you on their ability to provide attention-grabbing creative content, most are not offering the time and research that Sun Graphics Media puts into each of our social media strategies as well. The truth is that research is extremely vital to your success. Let us explain the steps Sun Graphics Media takes to differentiate you from your competitors.

Social Media Choosing The Right Channels. To create a true social media presence, research and analysis must be applied that dives into your target audience’s habits and traits. This includes what media channels they use, how often they use them, when they use them, and why. Applying extensive research to discover what avenues are going to be most effective for your social brand saves you from wasting time and resources posting to channels where your audience isn’t hanging out in the first place.

Creating a Social Media Brand Persona. Before ever getting started on creating content, you need to figure out how to present it to your audience. The way to start this is to create a social media persona that connects with your audience through proper text content, video scripting, and graphic design. Think of your social media presence as a real person: What kind of personality do they have? How do they sound when they communicate? What is their relationship to your audience – friend, mentor, teacher? Establish that connection between your audience and your social media persona through engagement methods that they will absorb naturally.

Assembling a Post Strategy. Effective posting on social media doesn’t happen at random. There is extensive data on what times users are most active across their social media platforms, and it is critical to reaching your audience at their peak access times. Make sure the content for your social brand is not only engaging but is specifically catered to your target audience and posted at intervals that won’t leave it buried under their news feed.

Creating and Posting Content. Did you know that Facebook posts that contain pictures get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs to links than posts with text-based content? That is a wonderful statistic to know, but it doesn't mean bombarding your Facebook page with pictures all the time. A well-developed social media strategy plans out content months in advance with room for variation, improvisation, and spur-of-the-moment features. Formulate a perfect balance of post types that keep your audience interacting with your brand, so they never become bored.

Analysis, Results, and Forward Progress. Social media can change rapidly at the drop of a hat, so it is critical to stay proactive by keeping aware of new trends, new features, and most importantly new rules. This eliminates surprise headaches for you while your brand takes off into new territories!

Successful social media execution requires the perfect blend of strategy and persona. It is about more than the content created – it is about how and where it is distributed, by what persona, and how it connects to the consumer. Without these strategic elements combined into a cohesive social media plan, posts fall flat under the heap of updates consumers receive on a daily basis. Sun Graphics Media are the social media experts who apply the thought, research, and creativity that will push your social media marketing forward. We’ll make your business the topic of conversation!
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