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We know, it’s hard. Hard to believe that you need experts to help you develop your social media strategy. Your kids probably do this all day and sometimes even at dinner. But we are going to share some valuable information with you. Organic reach is gone, consumers only trust people they know, and “likes” on Facebook are not your goal. Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram followers don’t increase your revenue either. Is your mind blown? Don’t worry, we can help you build a strategy that generates both interest and income.

Sun Graphics Media Social Media Management

Social Media Management

In 2015 you could just exist on social media because you were probably doing more than your competitors. But this is 2018, the age of the consumer. With 30% of millennials engaging with brands on social media at least once a month, your strategy must be robust, specific, and focus on engagement. Easily throwing your weekly special on Facebook will not engage your audience and create an emotional connection. You know that feeling when you want to say something, but nobody will listen? Bad posts are the same thing, but Sun Graphics Media is ready to help.

The Right Platform

Don’t worry about figuring out which social platforms you should use. Sun Graphics Media establishes a full social media strategy. We analyze your industry, develop the personas for social content, and determine which platforms those individuals use the most. We establish what they like, how to communicate with them, and where they eat breakfast (well, maybe not breakfast). It’s only after we have critical audience information that we can efficaciously design posts and a media timeline that delivers engaging content.

Sun Graphics Media Social Media Management

Organic Social Content

People need a story to make an emotional connection to something. They want a reason to understand the “why.” Social media content needs to communicate your message, but must also be compelling enough for people to consume it. That’s a complicated thing to accomplish, but it is something we strive for every single time we create a social media post. This is what makes our content engaging.




Why Your Company Gets Video Wrong
Why Your Company Gets Video Wrong

Video Marketing continues to be the gold standard of social marketing. The Human brain can process video content 60,000 times faster than reading. However, while some companies understand the “shorter is better” approach, the reality is videos must also be channel specific.

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