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Using Brand Strategy to find the right Target Audience

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As marketers for big brands, Sun Graphics Media’s creative solutions can have massive reach and tantalizing messaging, but in the end, strong ROI that leads to long-term GROWTH is how we are judged!

Sun Graphics Media can take your company from striving to thriving. Companies with strong sales and branding alignment achieve a 20% annual growth rate when they invest about 10% of their gross revenue. We have the tools and framework that will not only impact your survival but also enhance your brand and business’s long-term sustainability and growth.

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Brand Strategy

So where do we start?

A Brand Strategy provides a strategic road map for your company’s future and allows our team to become experts in your business. 

We deliver strategic research, compelling brand strategies, and actionable marketing plans that differentiate brands from their competition and provide a road map to engage existing and potential customers. From initial immersion to implementation, our branding agency has a proven process to build a successful brand that drives strategic results.  

According to a 14-year study done by McKinsey & Company, strong brands outperformed the market by 73%. Investing in your brand is vital to establish your business as reliable and relevant. Reinvesting in long-term brand-building enables companies to thrive over time and survive market volatility, proving that spending over 891 hours on brand strategy in 2020 was a worthy investment.

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BAV analysis

A Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) analysis provides comparative measures of thousands of brands’ brand equity across hundreds of different categories. The model will help you understand the brand’s perception and how it performs in the marketplace.

Through BAV analysis, our branding team measures your brand’s differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge.

Differentiation + Relevance = Brand Strength (brand’s future potential)
Esteem + Knowledge = Brand Stature (brand’s past performance)

The insights we receive from the BAV analysis lays the framework for your future marketing efforts. When marketing is backed by data, it creates measurable excellence.

case studies

Lakeland University

Lakeland University needed help uncovering their point of differentiation while delivering cohesive messaging. Our team completed extensive data analysis, research, and BAV Analysis to pinpoint what makes Lakeland University unique. Discovering the need to redesign their brand architecture allowed us to develop strong marketing and communication strategies.

Palo Popcorn

Palo Popcorn

When Palo Popcorn prepared to launch their product in 500 Kroger supermarkets across the country, they needed help making an impact in Cincinnati near Kroger’s headquarter location. With a comprehensive marketing campaign, we focused on a targeted audience strategy. Our targeted social media campaigns served over 62,000 impressions on Facebook in just three months. Markets in the Cincinnati area saw a 7% velocity increase in sales. Palo Popcorn later launched in stores like Meijer, Dillons, and Rural King.


Bemis Manufacturing

Bemis Manufacturing had revolutionized the grocery shopping cart experience, but they needed a marketing team to seal the sale. Our team took a data-driven marketing approach, developing a comprehensive marketing campaign. We designed and developed custom landing pages, built audience targeted Google Ads, and sent personalized kits. When it was time for Bemis’s sales team reach back out, we provided sales materials that helped finalize the sale.


3 steps to targeting

In target marketing, our team takes all of the data from the brand strategy and applies marketing tactics to reach each brand’s target audience best, to maximize your resources and increase your ROI. Our targeting approach involves three major steps to ensure a successful campaign every time.

3 Steps to Targeting

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