"Big agency talent and creative, without the bureaucratic headaches and overhead."

- Bob Fitzgerald

Johnsonville - Director of International Business

"No matter the ask, Sun Graphics is timely in their delivery."

- T.W. Bacon

Sartori Cheese - Director of Brand Marketing

"I never felt like I was just a number, I felt like THEIR client."

- Seth Harvatine

Sheboygan Area School District - Superintendent

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Sun Graphics Media and Franzen Graphics are now FifthColor companies

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website & app development

Developing something is simple, but delivering a great user experience that drives results requires an expert team, we are that team.

We know development is an investment. You work hard and deserve a return on your investment.  Sun Graphics Media will provide that return... and then some! 

Free Website Report - Instant Download

Is your website is a well-oiled machine or a Yugo with painted over rust spots? Give this a whirl! We’ve developed software that will give you a quick analytic snapshot of your website so you can see for yourself how your URL is performing.

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If you are in good shape, then high five yourself, but if you see room for improvement reach out and we’ll see what we can do!

customized site design

Sun Graphics Media creates custom wireframes for your next website or app project. Photo of app wireframes.

Our customized website design and development projects integrate your branding, maintain a focus on your website’s unique visitors, and are fully search engine optimized. Our mobile-first mindset focuses on the customer journey AND the user experience. 

Our team of certified UI/UX experts creates digital transformations that are focused on your customers, their experience, and how their journey delivers revenue and ROI to you and your organization.

structured for SEO

To build your online presence, you need to start with a solid foundation. Websites are a critical component of boosting SEO. When you peel away the colors and images of your website there needs to be a strong SEO structure in place. Ultimately, you need your user experience to be easy to navigate to increase your customer’s dwell time and click-through rate. All of these efforts help your site rank well in the eyes of Google’s algorithm. 

Our team of experts helps you lay the groundwork by ensuring your website is fully optimized for SEO.

custom websites, not wordpress

There is always an awkward silence when one of our clients says, “We want to do this in WordPress." WordPress can leave you exposed to a multitude of security risks from the constant updating of third-party plugins.

We pick our technology stack in a way that splits the difference by choosing a headless content management system (CMS). It provides a similar content update experience similar to WordPress, but allows greater optimization and customization flexibility!

Sun Graphics Media website and app development team creates a CMS similar to WordPress. Photo of desktop and mobile website.

How do we ensure your website or app is built for the best user experience, is optimized for SEO, and has solid performance? 

we have all the experts your website or app needs under one roof


not just a developer

Sun Graphics Media development team consists of User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) experts, developers, creative specialists, designers and strategists. Photo of Sun Graphics Media's team.

You may have noticed that we work a little differently. That’s because we are a different kind of agency! We have user experience and user interface (UI/UX) experts as well as developers, creative specialists, designers, and strategists. 

We are all working together on every project (website & app), providing unique insights to one another. This wondrous collaboration ensures everyone offers input in a quick, concise manner day in and day out. It is this collaboration and diverse knowledge that creates extraordinary development experiences and products for our clients at a fair price.

collaboration & teamwork

we shoot, we score!

When our team develops your brand's website, we approach it with a proven SEO strategy. There are plenty of SEO score tests for your site online (we have one right here on our site!) All sites developed by Sun Graphics Media are optimized to have an "A" score, meaning your target audience will find your brand before your competition! 

you have our support

Sun Graphics Media doesn't outsource website support (you'd be surprised how many agencies do!) That means we are with you from the time we set up your wireframes, all the way through development, launch, and beyond! You'll only deal directly with us, meaning any problems, fixes, or changes will be taken care of by our expert team quickly and efficiently. 

the host with the most

Accidents will happen, if only because they can. Unlike other agencies, though, Sun Graphics Media is the direct host for your brand's website. So, in the event of a crash or data error, our servers contain all of your backup data and information, meaning we'll have the problem fixed in no time flat! No having to wait on hold to speak to customer service! 


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Our Proven Process

We have an extensive process that starts with a full immersion into your needs through our discovery scoping phase. We can only develop an engaging app or website for your customers when we know your dynamic and the dynamics between your customers. We are going to go through six development stages, and the first three won’t even involve our development team. In the end, our process will create a clear roadmap for us to build and deliver you the very best product on spec, on time, and within your budget!









what's your problem?

Our team will find the solution.


A New Customer Experience for a Historic Company

A New Customer Experience for a Historic Company

Through in-depth immersion and extensive research, we uncovered data and analytics that guided a company rebrand and the design and development of a new e-commerce website for Torke Coffee.

Why SEO Is Important

Why SEO Is Important

What is SEO and why is it important? If you’re asking these questions, this is the blog for you! Learn how your website’s design and text content helps or hinders your brand’s placement in an online search.

Choosing The Right Web Design Agency

Choosing The Right Web Design Agency

Creating a website for your brand or organization is an easy decision. Choosing the right agency to undertake your website’s design is another story. What are the key characteristics you should look for in a creative agency? We present the facts to help you make the best decision for your goals.


Our process

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