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You know that website or app that your “friend” says he can develop for free. Well, we do that same thing, except we do it right and we finish what we start (and it’s not free). Developing something is simple. Delivering a great user experience that drives results requires an expert team. We are that team, and we know development is an investment. You work hard and deserve a return on that investment. Sun Graphics Media is going to provide that for you.

Sun Graphics Media Web & App Development

A Team, Not A Developer

You may have noticed that we work a little differently. That’s because we are a different kind of agency. We have user experience and user interface (UI/UX) experts as well as developers, creative specialists, and strategists. We are all working together on every project, providing unique insights to each other. This wondrous collaboration ensures everyone offers input, and we’ll make fun of those who don’t and throw dry board erasers at them. It is this collaboration and diverse knowledge that creates extraordinary development experiences and products for our clients.

Our Process

We have an extensive process that starts with a full immersion into your needs. We can only develop an engaging app or website for your customers when we know you, them, and what you need from each other. Our entire team is involved in web and app projects because it just works beautifully. We should warn you, though, we are going to go through six development stages, and the first three won’t even involve the development team. But we promise our process will save you tons of time, money, and deliver satisfying results.

Sun Graphics Media Web & App Development

Nope, We Don’t Do WordPress

There is always this awkward silence when one of our clients says, “We want to do this in WordPress” (awkward like when you try to kiss someone and they turn their head). WordPress is good, but it’s not for everything as it can be quite tricky to optimize the SEO and requires 3rd party plugins with constant updates to be fast and secure. We pick our technology stack in a way that splits the difference and choose a headless content management system (CMS). It provides a similar content update experience like WordPress, but allows greater optimization and customization flexibility. I don’t know about you, but we are glad we got that WordPress thing out of the way.




The Importance of Excellent Writers
The Importance of Excellent Writers

The average user reads about 20% of the written content of any website because they are merely scanning sites. Creative writing is a hugely overlooked, yet vital, element in today’s design world. So what makes an excellent creative writer?

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What is UI and UX Anyway?
What is UI and UX Anyway?

UX design, or “user experience design”, is often paired with another abbreviation, UI for “user interface design.” These two terms have become increasingly relevant when it comes to graphic design and will continue to be even more so in the future and this is why!

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